Unlike our competitors all storage drawers, bed heads and bedsides are delivered fully assembled - Made in Australia


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Buying a New Bed - Some helpful tips

The Australian  furniture market has a wide selection of wooden beds from bargain basement, poorly made beds online to overpriced beds from the large bedding retailers. Unless you see the Australian made logo, you can safely assume that the beds are made overseas even if the company says Australian owned.  Usually made from rubberwood or rain forest timbers. This is catastrophic for the planet and these products should be avoided.

If the bed has plywood slats be aware that they will not stand the test of time.

Cheap beds with split side rails are made for easy freighting and not for strength. These are easy to spot as they will have a support leg half way along the side rail

Paying for overpriced products online (you know they ones, they advertise relentlessly and may even have a very Australian name even though they are made in China) still is no guarantee of value for money

Australian Furniture Makers manufactures quality products in our modern Ballarat factory. We deliver our own products so you always receive the delivery in pristine condition. 

We manufacture real furniture. Many of our products are delivered fully assembled, including bed heads and feet, bedsides and all storage drawers. For this reason, our delivery zone is limited. We deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and some regional areas. If your postcode isn't recognised, please contact us for further information



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